Couples’ Truffles

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By Sarah Elizabeth Morris

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Barkeater Chocolates is celebrating in a sweet way. February 13 and 14, we’re hosting a  “Couples Truffles” event from 3-5:00. For the holiday, come to the shop, located at 3235 Rt. 28, where for only an $8.50 admission, you and your significant other can enjoy the love day festivities. 

Each of you can choose two truffles or caramels and enjoy a comforting cup of hot chocolate while relaxing together in our exhibit room. Reminder, there are cameras. 

Learn about the history of Barkeater Chocolates, how our chocolate is made, who makes it & what we do to make people want to eat it (not that it’s that hard). 

Afterward, stroll around the store and shop for some Valentine’s Day chocolates. These include solid hearts, large hearts, valentines-themed truffles and more. 

The store is open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 2/13-2/14. For more information, visit the event page found on Barkeater Chocolate’s Facebook.