Black Bear Bombs

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It started with a phone call to Barkeater Chocolates from a concerned neighbor. The caller said, “I chased three black bears away from your garbage cans yesterday.” With images of Goldilocks racing through our heads, we could only imagine the scene that would have ensued without the intervention of our friendly neighborhood concerned citizen.

After all, we have what every bear family seeks. A plentiful supply of chocolate, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and gooey, delicious, stick-to-your-ribs caramel. The only thing missing is a pot full of porridge and three lovely beds in varying sizes.

Nonetheless, we remained alert and kept watch for any bear activity. Hiding our garbage cans at night, checking the bird feeder for unusual activity and looking for bear tracks kept us busy during the weeks after the initial bear sighting.

And while we can say that the inside of our chocolate factory did indeed remain bear free – the woods outside our building may have told another story.

Inspired by our bear friends, and whatever may have been in the test kitchen on any given day during their nocturnal visits, we are proud to introduce Bear Bombs to our factory store. No…not the stuff sold to keep bears away…but what the bears may leave behind.

Gooey balls of caramel, peanuts, coconut, dried fruits, seeds, even sea salt! Four different varieties are now in ample supply at the Barkeater Chocolates factory store in North Creek! Will they go into hibernation over the winter? You decide.

Visit us now during our Bear Bomb Blowout and let us know if these little bits of heaven should stick around the factory!

And to concerned citizens everywhere – thank you for your service.