An Interview with a Bunny

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By Sarah Elizabeth Morris

Barkeater Chocolates is excited to announce that we scored an exclusive interview with the Easter Bunny, the fluffiest of the holiday mascots. The bunny, who has asked to be called Ed, is a huge fan of candy; no surprises there. Since he makes up a huge portion of our sales during this time of year, we honor him with Easter themed candy in the shape of bunnies and eggs. According to Ed, the candy is his favorite part of the holiday. 

“Most animals shouldn’t eat chocolate,” Ed warned. “But I was blessed with the ability to taste the sweet treat with no consequences.” 

Getting to eat chocolate isn’t the only magical gift the Easter Bunny has. According to Ed, much like Santa, he knows who has been “naughty or nice.” 

“I’m not as obvious as a piece of coal in your sock,” Ed said. “I’m a bit more passive aggressive. If your sister gets a chocolate bar and you get a dinner mint, chances are, you made the naughty list.” 

Ed also wants people to know that although he is known for his career as the Easter Bunny, there’s more to him than hopping around and hiding eggs. 

“I spent 15 years in Tooth Land, learning the art of tooth collecting by the Tooth Fairy,” he said. “I am a certified licensed Class-II tooth fairy fill-in , so chances are I’ve collected a tooth or two of someone you know at some point. However, the holiday of Easter is my all-time favorite holiday and I love what I do.” 

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Easter will be a little different this year, says the Easter Bunny. That doesn’t mean it won’t be as fun, though. Ed still plans on making the nighttime journey the night before Easter. 

“My forest critters, who normally help put together baskets, are making a custom-made hazmat suit for me and my fluffy tail,” he said. “I ask anyone who does see me to keep moving and wash your hands immediately, as I will be all over the world that night.” 

The treats that Easter Bunny is delivering is perfectly safe to eat, but Ed recommends recipients don’t share, especially in households with essential workers. 

Barkeater Chocolates is still open and doing curbside pick up, as well as online orders with free shipping. 

“I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter,” Ed said. “And the Tooth Fairy asked me to tell everyone to start flossing, especially with all this extra time at home.”