Uncommonly Good Marriage

What happens when you combine Uncommonly Good Ground Coffee with Extraordinary Chocolate?

Uncommonly Good Chocolate Bars.

Uncommon Grounds, a Saratoga Springs coffee roaster with locations in Saratoga and Albany, and Barkeater Chocolates, an artisan chocolate company in North Creek, have teamed up to create two extraordinary chocolate bars.

Customers of Uncommon Grounds will now be able to purchase two decadent Barkeater Bars in their cafés; The House Blend Bar for coffee lovers and the Italian Roast Bar for coffee fanatics. After taking a sample of different blends, roasts and grinds of coffee into the Barkeater Test Kitchen, the clear winners emerged. According to Deb Morris, Co-Founder & Head Chocolatier of Barkeater Chocolates, “Combining coffee and dark chocolate is not a new concept, but it’s one we have definitely perfected with this exceptional coffee.”

The bars, currently being sold exclusively at Uncommon Grounds’ two locations, were put through rigorous taste tests until two perfect bars emerged. Morris adds, “Our intention was to create one great gourmet chocolate bar, but after experimenting with both coarse & finer grinds of the Italian Roast, we couldn’t deny its place in the winner’s circle.”

Jim Morris, Co-Founder of Barkeater Chocolates says, “Barkeater Chocolates and Uncommon Grounds spent years communicating through social media, making a partnership inevitable.”

Barkeater Chocolates is an artisan chocolate company in the Adirondacks where confections are made by hand in small batches. In addition to their standard chocolate offerings, they have collaborated with wineries, breweries and coffee houses to create custom chocolates with unique flavors that have an instant fan base the moment they are unveiled. For more information about Barkeater Chocolates, visit their website at www.barkeaterchocolates.comor call 518.251.GIFT (4438).

Uncommonly Good Coffee & Extraordinary Chocolate

Married: Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Chocolate from Barkeater

About Barkeater Chocolates

Gourmet chocolate company in the heart of the Adirondacks. We specialize in making addictive confections for all to enjoy.
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